Monday, April 4, 2011

Baked Raspberry Custard

Hello, it's me again, lol. 

I was browsing a few blogs yesterday and came across this unusual recipe. I had never heard of baked custard before, and i was intrigued!

Well, today i made it. It's not wheat free, i was unsure about how it would turn out if i used rice flour, and i didn't want to waste the last of the eggs!

It turned out to be a consistency of Creme Brulee, but it also had a cakey texture to it. I only tried a little bit of it and i found it to be delicious. My husband and daughter kept asking for more and it is half gone. So I'm thinking it is a keeper of a recipe!

The best thing about it though-the smell! It smelled amazing! I kept sniffing at it. The berries and the buttery sugar smell was sooo nice and comforting.
I'm thinking that this is probably more of a winter time dessert, but if you put some fresh whipped cream or ice cream with it and top it off with some more berries, it can easily be spring/summer!

I also made a really tasty turkey lasagna, i will have posted the recipe to that before i do this one :P 

I've not been able to find my camera for near to a month and so now i have finally found it, it's not working the same! Typical. Hope everyone is doing well and is having a happy spring so far :)


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

You crossed my mind last night and how lovely to see such a yummy post when I stopped by today to say, "Hi!" This recipe looks like a must try...raspberries are one of my favorite fruits!!! I hope you are enjoying your spring so far as well!

Liesl :)

Morellocherry said...

Aw! Thank you! You crossed my mind too a few days ago, i was wondering how your trip went! I will have to give your blog a little visit, but right now i burnt my hand and it hurtsss!!! Still going to write you a little reply though! :P

It was an unusual recipe, i thought. I just had to try it! Raspberries are one of my faves too! :)

Queen B. said...

Ooooo i am sooooo happy you tried the baked raspberry custard !! It is truly amazing!
If your family liked this, try the penzys baked oatmeal!
I loved your post!!

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